Frequently Asked Questions about Stamped Concrete    

How do I choose a contractor?
This is perhaps the most important factor when deciding to invest in stamped concrete. Prospective contractors should provide you with references and you should have the opportunity to see their actual work. Choice of styles, colors and designs should also play a major role in your decision. If a contractor has only a limited number of patterns to choose from, stamped concrete may not be this contractor's main line of work. Choosing a contractor experienced with the stamped concrete process will provide you with the best results. Furthermore, never give a deposit until the job has been started.

How much does stamped concrete cost?
When compared to traditional concrete, stamped concrete is slightly more costly. Stamped concrete is still up to 50% less than other paving products


Is stamped concrete slippery?
This is the most common question asked about stamped concrete. When coarse material is added to the sealant, it becomes skid resistant. When choosing a contractor, make sure the company is knowledgeable about the application process for skid-resistance.

How durable is stamped concrete?
Concrete is the most used building product in the world. When properly engineered and installed, it will last a lifetime.

How much maintenance is required for stamped concrete?
There is very little maintenance required with stamped concrete. Upon completion of the stamping process, a sealer is applied to the surface in order to protect and maintain the beauty of your investment. This process may be repeated every couple of years by the homeowner. We would also be happy to recommend a certified contractor who may perform this service for a reasonable fee.


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